Risk Disclosure

This Risk Agreement and Disclosure Document contains important information concerning the risks that all investors, whether individual, non-individual, retail or institutional, take while trading, staking, investing or liquidating into any crypto market instruments or financial decisions. Crypto Markets, Derivatives, Bridges, DeFi and Capital Markets involve varying risk elements. Investors should participate in such instruments only after understanding the risk tolerance which such Investor shall take a sound decision to invest or disinvest. This is a mandatory process GGO follows for all onboarding investors.

As GGO works with Bridging of Tokens and Coins, It involves risky investments and a chance to get lesser rewards or complete loss of deposits during trading. GGO is not responsible for any Risk or Loss of Funds taken as a Sound Decision by the Investor.

No Confirmation/Advice/Return on Investments is guaranteed by GGO or any of its Associates or Employees.