AML Policy

By Signing Up, and Clicking on “I Accept” in the GGO Platform that is available in the Play Store with the App Signing Name - com.reference.codesend. I, Agree to all the Terms that are set-forth herein in this AML Policy, and if I don’t agree to do so, GGO has complete rights to revoke my holding account by blocking deposits, withdrawals, and any other staking or liquidity rewards, and completely blocking the access of further use of the app.

Modern Society faces a serious challenge of preventing money laundering from various criminal activities that appear to be legal and shall be used for proper terror, drug trafficking or any other illegal activities that are done by providing or gathering money or rendering financial services with the knowledge that the money is intended to finance the organization, preparation for, or execution of terrorist acts or to support a criminal society (criminal organization) created or being created to perform terrorist acts.

So hereby, we undertake a noting from the User/ Holders (hereinafter referred to and as “I”, “Myself”, and “Me”).

Undertaking Policy

All the transactions that are generated by myself are completely genuine, and I shall promptly submit and make sure my KYC is verified from time to time as and when the Organization requires.

I shall transfer, withdraw, deposit and swap to my wallet/bank account that are linked to my local government IDs, and if any difference in the name, age, designation, area, address, or location arises during this situation, GGO has complete rights to block my deposits and withdrawals without any additional or further notice.

And therefore, I confirm that all my sources of funds are genuine and if GGO ever finds that my transactions are not valid with a genuine reason, my account shall be completely blocked and all the rights of holdings will be revoked without arbitration.


Cash Withdrawals or Cash Deposits are not Allowed in GGO, as it’s completely against the law and doesn’t help us when reconciling token sales or any other crypto.

Your account shall be blocked by default, and you’ll be restricted from logging in to the blockchain wallet. You can contact support by emailing us at

When you submit your KYC, we shall verify it using your Local Government Sites and Third-Party Verification Portals; during this time, we thoroughly review your Government Checklist, Financial Checklist and Accountability Checklist. GGO shall verify all the KYC within 3 Days (Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays are not Counted).

As long as your account have your Name, and your Government ID matches with it, you can deposit/withdraw easily. You cannot enter your Spouse/Guardian/Grand-Parents or any Family or Relatives Accounts for Withdrawals or Deposits.