Welcome to GGO

GGO is a rapidly expanding ecosystem of independent
payments network intertwined to operate for Web3 and
Web2 as Individual Blockchain Communicator and Operator.

Rapid Payments
Infrastructure for
the New Internet

We dreamed it and we have built it, here’s the World’s most
advanced payments infrastructure for Web3 and Web2.

Charging powerful
networks worldwide

With GGO, you can choose to experience an entirely new automatic
payments infrastructure that's bridged between blockchains, tokens
eco-system, and other cryptos; unlike traditional cryptocurrencies
focused on Metaverse or NFTs, GGO focuses and leads towards the
liquidity of the Crypto Industry by supporting Network Decongestion,
driving Fiat Liquidity and Payments Network Infrastructure for WEB2
and WEB3.

With GGO, you can expect low transaction fees, make your own rules,
and create your mainstream adoption. With this, the technology is
expected to grow exponentially with plenty of use-cases varying from
Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Marketplaces, Social Networks, Shared-
Growth Funds, Raising Capital, Open Marketing, Internet of Things and
Value, and the ownership and free economy powering the next-
generation cryptos with a stake for everyone.


Built on the power of people, the GGO gives the honor of creating,
organizing, and allocating resources, funds, and voting powers to every
Individual or Group of People that can make impactful decisions that
govern their community's future. Can we imagine having such an
incredible complexity to knowing your local tax spending, school
spending, voting for power that controls our country's next five years,
and so on, including where it goes?

Open Marketplace

You can engage in a free economy, allowing traders, exchangers,
marketplaces, and shared resources for easy and accommodated
global rates with zero permissions. You can utilize the power of
creating application-specific solutions based on your Payments
Acceptance instead of high transaction fees on Fiat or Other

Bridge for the Other Side

If you're tired of the massive scaling and network fees for Fiat and Crypto and exhausted of the Traditional Banking or Fiat Transactions, have complete authority over your Accounts. We're the ones you look out for who are bringing a revolution in Existing Fiat Networks and Cashless Transactions—driving the Next-Gen Revolution for Crypto and Cashless World.

Secured by Scavengers FailSAFE

We’re secured by Scavengers FailSAFE technology that’s built on
volume of transactions that are based on liquidity, cashflow, and
number of block confirmations. Our systems await 20+ Block
Confirmations from either Blockchains, and once alerted, the
transaction succeeds or the node is seperated from the Block until the
auto-verifications is continued by our Scavengers Nodes.

Start Staking on GGO

GGO is a mother bridge for all the Blockchains and will act as Rewards Distribution and Liquidity Aggregator Platform to Generate Rewards from Various Resources that are validated every second in the Crypto Eco-System.

Earn upto 24% APR